Which Jeans Serves for any Body Type?

Which Jeans Serves for any Body Type?

We’ve talked about trousers models for different types of bodies, right? But today we want to tell you about models that work on all types of bodies. It is important to note that there is no ideal body model, and when we speak of effects here, we are thinking of harmonic proportions.

Be aware of our tips for choosing the perfect pants for you!

  • Which Jeans ServesSkinny

    The most beloved of Brazilians is also a democratic pant. The pants on the skinny model are fair and enhance the actual contours of your body. While in the thinner or more straight-bodied shape, it still creates an illusion of curves, in girls who already have a curvaceous body, it is perfect for valuing the curves.

  • Flare

    The Flare Pants is a real joker. Its hip-tight and wide-legged modeling help balance all body shapes, helping to create a more harmonious silhouette.

Quickly listing the effects of flare pants, she can disguise wide hips, give hip illusion wider and more curvaceous body to the straighter body formats, disguise very thick legs, among others. By its elongated length, it still creates a longline silhouette. If there are no perfect pants, the flare is almost there!

  • Boyfriend

    The boyfriend pants have the modeling wide, more masculine, as the name itself refers. That’s why it fits all types of bodies. Her modeling loosens, she disguises any part of the legs and hips that you want.

It is not ideal, only, for girls who like pants that accompany the outline of the body. But your manhood can always be balanced with more feminine complements, like accessories, fitted sweaters, and heeled sandals.

  • Straight

    The straight jeans is also a great joker for the various body types. It is tighter on the upper and looser below the knee, so it tends to balance the proportions of the hip relative to the rest of the body and make the silhouette more harmonious.

The alert of this model of pants is also for those who like pieces that put the curves in evidence. This is because it’s modeling, as the name says, tends to make the silhouette more straight. But in that case, just wear it with a tighter blouse to get the effect you like.

  • Boot Cut

    One more for the selection of democratic pants, the boot cut model is a way between the flare and the straight pants. She is also tighter on the thighs and hips, with a wider bar. However, it tends to be a bit looser and its bar much less wide than the flare, in a more subtle version. It is another model that creates a harmonic silhouette and longilínea.

Did you like our suggestions? The idea is that you always choose the pants that best suit your style and personal taste and that generate the effects you seek in your body. Tell us what your favorite model is!

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