Locally founded in 2012, La-Fashion Boutique‘s passion for Brazilian & Colombian Butt Lift Jeans developed from a desire to find comfortable jeans that look good and feel great. With vast experience in the retail industry we believe we have found the answer in South Florida

We have all experienced the frustration of trying on jeans and never being able to find a comfortable, stylish, sexy jean. We spend endless hours gathering a selection, heading off to the fitting room and in absolute frustration leaving the store without making a purchase because the jeans usually don’t complement our body shape or they are ill-fitting and uncomfortable.
Well that’s all behind you now !

At La-Fashion Boutique our selection of Brazilian and Colombian shaping jeans with body contouring technology are designed to enhance every woman’s shape. The innovative cut of these Brazilian and Colombian jeans will enhance every woman’s figure embracing your natural curves, raising the rear and flattening the stomach while providing a sleek contouring effect on the hips and thighs. The unique designs are part of the individuality incorporated into these jeans.