7 Curious Facts About Jeans You Did Not Know

7 Curious Facts About Jeans You Did Not Know
For Jeans Lovers

It is a fact that if jeans were a color, we cannot deny that it would be the favorite color of many of us. Every woman’s sweetheart for its versatile character, the jeans can be combined with a heel or a sneaker, for work or for a weekend, for day or night. It don’t matter at all.

The cool thing of all it is to still be able to choose an incredible modeling and style that suits you the most! Let’s get to know some curious facts about jeans of this fabric that people love so much:

1. On an average, women today own 7 pairs of jeans each. (One for each day of the week!) based on research conducted in South America: Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Bolivia and others.

2. The first jeans appeared in the United States in 1873. Levi Strauss created them because they were more resistant and suitable for the workers of the city;

3. The male and the female zipper are on opposite sides of the jeans. This custom is made to differentiate the pieces in a time in which ladies of companies dressed the masters of the houses;

4. In the 19th century, denim was worn in work clothes and jeans were worn in high fashion clothing. The denim was a woven cotton cloth, often used in white. After Levi Strauss had given his touch of blue color, the jeans became a cool fabric and was even stop on some red carpets.

5. The indigo color is used to give the so famous color of jeans, but today, only one drop can dye a pair of pants.

6. The jeans have become a neutral color and can be combined with any color of shoe or blouse.

7. Formerly, jeans were only worn to make pants. Luckily, today we can have jackets, tops and even sneaker jeans!

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7 Facts About Jeans

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